How To Ensure You Can Still Golf During Covid

During COVID-19 lock-downs we have all been encouraged to get outside and exercise, however, many of us find that our favorite outdoor activities are now restricted in different ways. This is particularly true for golf as you have to physically go to a course to play. Many of these courses are now requiring much more advance notification, putting different policies in place, and may turn people away when they come to play. Here are some tips to ensure you are able to play the game and enjoy yourself during these trying times.

Schedule A Time Slot

Many golf courses have begun to require or at least suggest time slot reservations for play. Those that aren’t requiring them are regularly turning away people when they have too many on the course, making it a good idea to ask, even if it isn’t mandated by the company. You can usually ring the club and talk to them about reserving a spot, but many have also opened up online reservations with as little as 2 hours notice. One small benefit to making a reservation is that you can often have gear and a trainer ready for you when you arrive, saving you time and making the entire outing feel more relaxing.

Plan To Golf Alone

Many of us enjoy playing with friends, but the number of people allowed on courses is being heavily limited. If you find that you live in an area that is particularly busy, planning to play by yourself may make it easier for you to get a tee time. If you do plan to play with someone, make sure that you note this information in your reservation and that you only bring one or two people along. Some courses are limiting the number of people when they are working with a professional, so don’t plan to push the legal limits if you live in an area with restrictions on the number of people in a gathering.

Consider Different Tee Times

The most common tee times are generally going to be booked very quickly. People have been working within the system for months and in some cases have simply set up a standing appointment each month to make sure they can enjoy themselves. With many of us engaging in remote work, the ability to choose a different time is quite possible and you may find you enjoy golfing in the morning or later in the evening. In addition, many courses have begun to open earlier or stay open later to accommodate their clients.

Look Into Policies Of Courses

Make sure you know before you arrive if you will be required to wear a mask or if there is a limit on play time. Most courses are posting this information online, ensuring that you won’t be caught unaware. Always abide by the posted rules to ensure you will be welcomed back.

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With a little bit of planning an flexibility it is completely possible to get in many games of golf during the current pandemic.